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Common Questions

How do I know whether Chat with Humans is a good fit for my business?
If you’re like most web owners, you believe that cultivating relationships are essential to your business. Managed live chat services does just that. So, if you want an easy way to cultivate online relationships which lead to solid conversions, and care a whole lot about your bottom line, Chat with Humans is a good fit for you.
Are your agents available 24/7 to provide live chat support?

Yes, they are. With our 24/7 live managed chat, never fear that you’ll lose a lead simply because you weren’t available to to start the conversation. Managed webchat means that our agents are always there to answer questions, put visitors at ease, and craft relationships.

How can I keep track of chat agent performance?

As part of the managed chat services we provide, you will receive a transcription of each conversation. Each chat is transcribed and sent to you as soon as the chat ends. Additionally, you’ll receive monthly reports showing agent performance.

How do I get live chat setup on my website?

It’s super-simple to get started. Drop us a line on our contact form, send us an email, or chat with an agent. A live chat account manager will get back to you to learn all about your business and how our managed chat services can be most helpful to you. After training our agents, we’ll onboard them to your site, and viola! You’ve got sales agents on your site 24/7, managing live chats online, answering queries, building relationships, and pushing sales.

How soon can your agents get onto my site to manage live chat?

You can typically get managed chat service started  within 24-48 hours after being in touch with a Chat with Humans account manager.

How long does it take for agents to respond to visitors?

We pride ourselves on having one of the fastest response times on the market. Our response time is an averaged 45% faster than other managed live chat providers. In order to maintain a swift response time, each agent manages a very limited amount of sites during each shift. This allows us to manage live chats with quick and attentive responses.

How much does it cost to implement managed live chat?

At Chat with Humans we only charge you for webchats that provide a valid lead for a potential sale. There are no monthly fees, maximums, or minimums. And you don’t pay per chat, either! A visitor who expresses interest in your product or service and provides contact information is considered a valid lead, That is the only information you’ll be billed for as your total web chat costs.

How do your chat agents differentiate themselves from bots?

By being human. By being real. By being helpful. By showing that they care about visitors.
Live chat services means that visitors aren’t forced to choose a topic from a pre-selected list that may not give perfect results. It means that visitors don’t receive auto-suggests about what a visitor might be thinking or feeling. It means that live chat agents congratulate visitors on upcoming events, help them navigate the website, and offer relevant discount codes. Managed live chat leads satisfied customers who can get their questions resolved. It means prospects converting. Real people add a personal touch to managed live chat meaning your customers feel more supported.

How do your chat agents know enough about many different businesses to chat successfully?
Our agents become very familiar with each website they serve. We put them through live chat bootcamp! During the training process, they learn about the industry you’re in, your business model, which role you see the online chat agents filling, what your prospects are most interested in, and what you want the prospects to know about your business. Once the online chat agents begin responding to visitors on your site, our account manager will review the chat transcripts for quality assurance. We’ll also send you a copy of each chat transcript so that you can give us input on your visitor’s chat experience.
What if I’m not happy with how the chat agents respond to visitors?

Tell us! Though our managed chat agents are experts at what they do, they are still very much human. (We don’t do bots at Chat with Humans.) And humans may not always be perfect. However, your feedback will ensure that our managed live chat support is as close to perfection as possible.

How do I know that information about my visitors will remain confidential?
Your privacy is one of our top priorities. Our live chat agents are trained to be discreet, and refrain from sharing any information about our clients without express permission from the client.
What happens if your chat agents can’t answer visitors’ questions?
Due to our rigorous training process there aren’t that many questions the live chat agents cannot answer. We are aware that our agents cannot have ALL the answers ALL the time, though. Therefore, we will discuss your preferences in advance. In this scenario, most of our clients choose to have the chat agent send an introductory email to your account manager and the visitor. In the email, the chat agent introduces the visitor and supplies a quick summary of the issue which needs to be addressed.
What if I want to cancel my service?

Our managed web chat service model was designed with you in mind. You can cancel your managed live chat service at any time. There are no contracts and no cancellation fees EVER.

Why would I want managed live chat services if I can supply visitors with phone support?

24/7 live managed chat can smooth the road to a sale. You may choose to provide both webchat options with online chat agents, AND phone support to give all visitors their desired option. However, over 50% of web visitors prefer webchats over phone support. Remember that we are in a digital age, where online usage trumps offline usage options.

Having managed live chat service in place makes it easier for a prospect on your site to reach out, leads to quicker responses, and which gives you a greater chance of conversion.

What are the benefits of live chat services in terms of customer service?

Everything you can ask for in customer service — and then some more,  all included in 24/7 live managed chat. Visitors on a website love knowing that there is someone available to answer their questions. Online chats create a feeling of authenticity and build loyalty, which leads visitors to not only complete a purchase, but also to become repeat consumers.

Does live chat really increase sales?

Yes, it certainly does! Our clients can testify to the sales increase they’ve seen with our managed chat service. Managed live chat support gives you an 82% edge for conversion. Often, all visitors need before completing their purchase is the answer to a simple question, assurance about a policy, or just someone to hold their hand. Managed live chat agents fill this role and help you get the deal.

What is considered a perfect live chat?
Any chat which allows a visitor to feel that he or she was helped, is fantastic. This creates a relationship and moves the visitor further down the sales funnel, closer to conversion. When a visitor shows interest in a product or service, and leaves his or her contact information with the online chat agent, that is great news for the web owner. Why? Because it provides a steady stream of interested leads. In fact, Chat with Humans only charges clients for chats that are completed with highly interested leads who leave their contact information with the online chat agents.
Are online chat support agents real people?
Yes they are! There is no way a chatbot can answer visitors’ questions with the same quality information that a real, live person can in a webchat.