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You know the frustration of losing a highly interested lead.
We once knew it too.
That’s why Chat with Humans was created.

Your web visitors should have a-more-than-just-satisfactory experience

That’s why we created Chat with Humans.
As a digital marketing agency, we’ve been deeply immersed in the world of UX and how it impacts conversion for years. Aside from actual web design and development, we learned that managed live chat support is one of the surest ways to turn prospects into buyers.
And we wanted that for our clients.
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Play the human touch in a digital world

But outsourcing live chat didn’t work out the way we wished it would.
At first, our clients tried providing live chat support in-house.
However, that didn’t provide a solution.
The volume of visitors could not justify a full time, online chat agent. Yet, if there was no dedicated employee as a chat agent, response time turned awful.
We also wanted visitors to have the option of benefitting from managed live chat customer service during an early morning run in the park, on their commute home from work, or while munching on their midnight snack. That could only happen with 24/7 managed live chat support.

Why couldn’t we just go with any of the managed live chat services out there?

They just didn’t match up.
The disadvantages of live chat almost seemed to outweigh the benefits.
Sure, our expectations were high. Maybe even too high.
We were told that we were too tough.
But that’s only because we wanted managed live chat services that would promise live chat agents who:
Make sure to learn every nitty, gritty detail  about the businesses they serve.
Respond in real time, every time – before a visitor can go AWOL for lack of response.
Display excellent communication and relationship-building skills to start nurturing leads.
Have a good understanding of visitors’ needs and how to help them.
We just weren’t getting that with any of the managed live chat services we tried.

Build relationships to convert prospects into buyers

Necessity became the mother of Chat with Humans.
We hired our own agents and put them through live chat support bootcamp.
Quality assurance experts reviewed chat transcripts and further perfected the agents’ communication and sales techniques.
All that bootcamp training paid off, and we now provide web owners with top-notch, managed live chat support.
And get their prospects to convert.
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63% of online visitors are more likely to return to a site with managed live chat support

Chat with Humans will get you those return visitors.