By Joshua Sigafus Nov 08, 2021

If you run an online business, then you’re likely always looking for an answer to one of the most foundational digital marketing questions:

How to increase conversion rates.

Increasing conversion rates is how you get more traction out of your business.

Your conversion rate is truly the marker of the functionality of your website, your customers’ trust in your brand, and the relevancy of your traffic.

The better your conversion rates, the better your bottom-line, customer engagement, and click-through rates will be.

But how do you do it?

In this post, you’re going to learn 7 effective ways to do exactly this.

But first, we need to cover some of the basics.

The Importance of a Successful Website in the Modern Marketplace

Before understanding how to increase conversion rates, it’s important to understand the importance of a successful website in the modern marketplace.

Brick and mortar is dying in most industries.

Why put all of your resources into a physical store location when you can open an online store with the potential to service clients from all over the world?

But even beyond this, operating a functional business website boosts credibility, improves visibility, helps you to solidify your brand’s reputation, and gives you access to the worldwide marketplace.

It should serve as the ‘hub’ of your online business dealings and marketing efforts.

But here’s the issue. Improving conversion rates doesn’t happen just by accident.

In fact, all the traffic in the world won’t pay you if you don’t convert it to sales.

But here’s the good news. In order to increase conversion rate website numbers, you need to focus on a few very fixable things.

And in this post, you’re going to learn exactly what they are.

The Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Increasing conversion rates begins by really nailing your sales funnel.

Your sales funnel is basically the predetermined path that you want visitors to take after first clicking on your link, through to the end of the process of opting in or making a purchase.

It’s where your marketing tactics meet with general traffic to nurture prospects and leads, and work to turn both into loyal customers who’ll not only buy everything you have to offer, but also advocate for your business.

In other words, once you nail down your ability to convert traffic through your sales funnel, you’ll gain the ability to make even more sales and increase your bottom line.

But how do you create a success website solution and work on actually improving conversion rates within your funnel?

Thankfully, this is a process that you actually have a lot of control over. Let’s go over these 7 steps for how to get started today.

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7 Tips For How To Increase Conversion Rates

Increasing conversion rates begins by tightening up your funnel to drive your traffic towards your offer, hopefully converting a certain number of visitors along the way.

Here are the first 7 things you should be looking at to really nail down this process for good.

1. Niche-Down And Target Your Specific Customer Avatar

If you’re struggling with how to increase conversion rates and improving conversion rates within your sales funnel, the first issue may be a customer avatar issue.

If you’re trying to sell to an extremely wide audience base, you’re going to struggle more than if you really niche-down and make your target demographic super-focused.

Reflecting this ‘niching-down’ within your copy and content is essential for speaking to the heart of what your audience is looking for.

The hard truth of the matter is that ‘generalists’ typically command lower prices.

But masters and experts tend to be able to command much higher prices for what they do.

The same is true of online stores.

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades, you’re going to struggle to convert.

But if you’re a master of one trade (or niche), you’re going to be able to command a much higher value point in the marketplace.

2. Make Your Designs Beautiful

The next step to increasing conversion rates is to simply make your landing page and opt-in pages beautiful.

Do they really pop with dynamic graphics, compelling copy, and buttons that stand out as extra clickable?

If so, then you’re well on your way to improving conversion rates.

3. Improve Your Graphics

If you’re struggling with how to increase conversion rates on your landing page, sales page, or opt-in pages, you may want to take a look at your graphics.

If they’re fuzzy, unprofessional, or just don’t really vibe with your messaging, then you may be struggling to really catch your audience’s attention.

You may also be failing to look ‘legitimate’ enough to warrant a sale, click, or opt-in. 

4. Smooth Out The User Experience

Here’s a secret piece of information for you.

Conversions are rarely ‘free.’

There’s usually a layered process behind every single successful sales funnel.

And all of this really comes down to creating a successful conduit between your business and your prospect.

Increasing conversion rates will also rely on your ability to generate a smooth user experience on the customer end.

For example, improving conversion rates is going to be impossible if the opt-in or sale button just sits and spins after the customer clicks it.

This also means that you’ll want to optimize your checkout process, and make the experience of actually opting in or making a purchase truly seamless.

If you don’t provide a truly effortless customer sales process, you’re going to struggle to get them on-board with the transaction—and they’ll be much more likely to contribute to your cart abandonment score.

5. Write Compelling Copy

If you’re looking for the answer to how to increase conversion rates without re-inventing the wheel, then it could be time to re-visit your sales copy.

Does the copywriting within your funnel speak directly to your ideal customer avatar?

If not, then you may run into trouble as you deal with working on improving conversion rates without a specific target to focus on.

6. Analyze Your Competitors

Learning how to increase conversion rates will also require you to take a good, hard look at your competition, to figure out exactly how they may be outperforming you at key performance metrics.

For example: Maybe reviewing how your competitors are wording their web copy or building their sales pages can help you with improving conversion rates within your own sales funnels?

7. Use A Live Chat Service

Increasing conversion rates will sometimes require you to add extra tools or resources to your page.A live chat service is a great example of a tool that can actually really boost conversion and click-through rates.

Does Live Chat Increase Conversions?

Absolutely. Did you know that 63% of online visitors are more likely to return to a site with a managed live chat support system? This is why Chat with Humans believes so much in the power of live chat support for growing digital marketing businesses.


Increasing conversion rates isn’t rocket science. But it is digital marketing science.

Thankfully, if you follow these 7 steps, you should be able to bring those numbers up.

Of course, trial and error is really the key. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

And if they don’t work, don’t be afraid to re-analyze and try something different.


How do you create an email newsletter design to increase conversion and loyalty?

Your email newsletter design matters when you’re trying to convert customers via your email list.

As a general rule, you’ll need to create compelling email content that really grabs your reader’s attention. Then, you’ll need to propose an offer that directly targets a specific pain point.

This is the best way to increase conversions within emails.


How to increase Shopify store conversion rate?

f you’ve been searching ‘how to increase conversion rate on Shopify’ or ‘increase conversion rate Shopify,’ then you’re probably struggling with people clicking away from your Shopify store without buying anything. And this can be super frustrating.

There are a lot of different answers to the question of how to increase conversion rate Shopify numbers. But to be honest, one of the most significant places where a lot of Shopify stores miss the mark is by failing to highlight product benefits clearly enough.

Customers need to understand how these products are going to help them make their lives better. But how will they know this if they aren’t made aware of the many incredible benefits that your products have to offer?


How to increase store conversion rate?

If you’re wondering how to increase conversion rate in retail, it’s important to think about the transaction from the customer’s perspective.

Learning how to increase conversion rate retail numbers will involve many steps.

You need to speak directly to your ideal customer avatar. You need to leverage personalization to really connect with your visitors.

You also need to up-sell and cross-sell appropriately, to make the most of every single lead that enters your funnel. The better you get at nailing down the details of these specific steps, the better you’ll get at actually increasing your odds of leveling-up that much-needed web conversion rate.

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